Chris Thompson
A less brief but still, as yet, unfinished list of bands I've played in - do remind me

bwtn.jpg (6805 bytes) The Barely Works.  


A 6/7 piece folk roots funk band featuring banjo, fiddle, accordion, flute, trombone, tuba, hammered dulcimer, charango, drums and percussion - not necessarily - but sometimes - all at once. 1988-1993. 4 CD's - 'The Big Beat', 'Don't Mind Walking', 'Glow' and 'Best of the Barely Works'.

bj.jpg (4125 bytes)BIGJIG and the Groove Department.

Groovy 4 piece folk influenced contemporary acoustic experimenters. 1994-1997. 2 CD's - 'Feet to the Floor' on Smallworld Recordings and 'BUG' on Hypertension Music.



bhfttn.jpg (3774 bytes) The Boothill Foot-Tappers  

The original Cowpunks - skiffle, ska and high energy - produced 4 singles 'Get your feet out of my shoes', 'Jealousy', 'Too much time', 'Love and affection' and 1 album 'Ain't that far from Boothill'. 1982-1985. Picture (taken by Marnie) is of the first live gig with Merryl and Wendy. Later joined by Slim, Lloyd, Marnie and Danny - and even later by Simon.



2bfftn.gif (15598 bytes) KPassa

One time acoustic Bristol based folk rock reggae types. Now leaning heavily into the high powered rock arena. Lots of CD's and vynil.

didlivetn.jpg (6421 bytes)The Devils in Disguise

A delightful trio of Jacqui Callis on guitar, myself on banjo and Tony Minnion on double bass with mucho 3 part harmonies. They produced 1 vinyl album - Revealed.
If you don't mind'

g3+tn.jpg (6361 bytes)The Gleesome Threesome

A mighty early version of contemporary cajun country folk featuring bruv Graeme Thompson and the marvelous Ken Rice.

opptn.jpg (5106 bytes)The Opposition

Pre punk policealikes, great songs, wicked harmonies and lots of energy.


Post punk apocalyptic doomers. Brothers Roy and Paul Jones (but not Howard) with tasty guitarist Keith and myself on bass. Still looking for a picture.

rivaltn.jpg (5762 bytes)The Rivals

New Wave Country music ahead of it's time. Forerunner of the Devils in Disguise featuring BJ Cole on pedal steel guitar, Bob Loveday on Fiddle and Petey on drums.

SACT.jpg (10138 bytes)Sarah Allen and Chris Thompson

Still working together after 12 years now. Flute, whistles, accordion, banjo and guitar twirl happily around familiar tunes and songs.